Integra Dogs

Integra dogs are young, reclassified and carefully matched to their Veteran or First Responder.

Our reclassified Labrador dogs have been sourced from our established partnerships with organisations such as: Guide Dogs Victoria, Australian Border Force Detection Dog Program, Seeing Eye Dogs Vision Australia and private registered breeders.

Through Integra’s collaborative partnerships with Guide Dogs Victoria, Seeing Eye Dogs Vision Australia and the Australian Border Force Detection Dog Program we recruit only the highest quality, most temperamentally suitable Labrador dogs into our program. Our dogs are exceptional, with strong levels of public acceptability and high levels of socialisation and training such that they can already commence work with a Veteran or First Responder as a Trainee Assistance Dog.

All our dogs have had been temperament tested, have had their eyes, hips, and elbows certified. They have been spayed or neutered and vaccinated.

The bond created through each team is life changing.

Our Program teaches our dogs to become emotionally tuned to their Veteran or First Responder and their unique triggers. Our dogs are able to ground their handler from a hyper-aroused state and provide unconditional support through the trauma and stresses of everyday life.

Integra Service Dogs are working dogs not pets, they have had significant training to be able to provide the Veteran or First Responder with assistance when required.