Natalie & Berry

Berry has helped me begin to find myself again.

– Natalie –

In early 2016, while I was working with the Police Detection Dogs, I purchased a Labrador pup “Berry”. Initially, I had purchased Berry with the intent of her being my pet companion. Shortly after I was hospitalised. While I was unwell with anxiety and PTSD, a breeder put me in contact with Integra. I began training with Mr Lloyd and Berry was assessed and deemed suitable to commence the Integra Dog Training Program. We have been training as a team ever since.

Since starting my journey with the Integra team, I have been visiting public places that I have not felt comfortable going to for a long time.  Before starting my training, I would panic and continuously look over my shoulder.  I am now able to concentrate on Berry throughout our outings and achieve daily tasks in high traffic town areas.

The Integra team have not only supported me throughout my dog training but have taught me other valuable skills and encouraged me to continue to engage with the community.

Berry has shown such loyalty and empathy. She accompanies me to work and causes my whole team to smile.  She senses when I get anxious or irritable and comes up to nuzzle me, reminding me that everything is going to be ok.

Without the support of the Integra team, I would still be off work and hiding at home.

Berry and I still have a long way to go, but I look forward to continuing my training with the Integra team and overcoming new challenges.

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