Donna & Ebony

Having the support of Integra behind me, has given me the confidence to know that I can train Ebony up to the standard required of a service dog.
– Donna –

I had been experiencing a lot of issues with PTSD flashbacks, extreme anxiety and had rarely been out of the house with my husband and family. Hearing about other people’s success stories with Integra Service Dogs gave me hope that I may be able to get my life back and give my family their wife and mother back.

I heard about Integra Service Dogs from a fellow handler who received a dog through the program. I have been working alongside Integra since July 2018.

Integra procured and supplied my dog, Ebony, from Guide Dogs Victoria and have also supplied many items such as her crate, leash, jacket and food bowl. I have been given literature to help me understand how to handle and train Ebony, along with ongoing support at the other end of the phone.

Since having Ebony I have been getting out of bed early, walking everyday, enjoying time at coffee shops and out with my family. I have a sense of responsibility and Ebony relies on me as much as I do her. Ebony wakes me up in the middle of the night when I have nightmares and is a great companion during the night when I can’t sleep. My family has recently commented on the dramatic change in my mood and even the increased weight loss – all thanks to Ebony and our regular exercise and daily routine.

We have just completed 3 ‘training/induction’ sessions at my local golf course. It was important to determine whether she would be distracted by the many birds on the course, and that she was not tempted to chase after or pick up the golf balls. She passed with flying colors and is now set to join me on the golf course every week!

I’m looking forward to continuing with our training, with the support of the Integra supplied trainer, to teach Ebony the many tasks that I need her to learn so that I may start to catch public transport and expand my horizons further.