Anna Meares

“Sometimes the hardest battle is getting the confidence to walk back into the big wide world” Anna Meares is one of Australia’s favourite sports stars and one of the most talented athletes in the world. She is a 4-time Olympian, … Read more

Grant Edwards

“The real test of strength is coming forward and seeking help when your struggle begins”  Grant Edwards was officially Australia’s strongest man from 1996-2000 and has pulled everything from steam trains and aircraft to mining trucks. Today he is an author, public speaker, … Read more

Matty Brumby

“Sport has a positive impact on your personal rehabilitation, not only physically but mentally as well” Matthew Brumby is para-athlete Ironman World Champion, Half Ironman World Champion. Invictus Games Co-Captain and Gold Medallist and Motivational Speaker. Matty joined the Royal … Read more