Ian & Ebony

Commander achieves milestone with a little help from a friend LCDR Andrew Ragless (author), Department of Defence (photographer) CEO and co-founder of Integra Service Dogs, Mr Ben Johnson; Chair of Navy’s Keeping Watch RADM Peter Laver; CMDR Ian Davies with … Read more

Jason & Ivy

Through this journey Integra has been a great organisation that helps those with struggling issues and has played a big part in my life and my journey with Ivy. – Jason –     I served Eighteen years of service in … Read more

Natalie & Berry

Berry has helped me begin to find myself again. – Natalie – In early 2016, while I was working with the Police Detection Dogs, I purchased a Labrador pup “Berry”. I had intended for Berry to be my companion dog … Read more

James & Jacka

I am so proud of my best friend Jacka. I am amazed at how far we have come in such a short time. Jacka has changed my life in many ways. – James – I am an ill health retired … Read more

Ashley & Leroy

Since being matched in June 2017 with my Service Dog Leroy, together we commenced and completed training in November 2017 by Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs (GHAD) for the Public Access Test (PAT) Certification. I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey … Read more

Andreas & Norris

I retired from the Australian regular army, Royal Australian Engineers on 1 June 2016, after serving some of 30 years with the Australian army both in a Reserve and Regular Army capacity, I separated from the Australian Defence Force on … Read more