Brendan & Jensen

“Jensen is advancing in his role as Service Dog and great mate. Jensen is now an integral part of our family and is much loved”. –Brendan and Jensen– I served with the Victoria Police for nearly 30 years – I … Read more


He has become a solid part of his Handler’s family unit. His Handler can’t imagine life without him. –Vinnie and his Integra Handler– In late 2019, after a long service history with the Navy, Vinnie’s Handler was medically discharged. This … Read more

Bruce & Charlie

–Bruce– Charlie now lives permanently with his male first responder, Bruce, in regional New South Wales (NSW) – he is currently working towards his Public Access Test. Since arriving at his new home in NSW from Guide Dogs Victoria (GDV), … Read more

Vanessa & Baz

“Baz has given me back structure, routine, and a sense of purpose again and most importantly; unconditional love and companionship”. -Vanessa – In mid-August 2021 I was fortunate to be gifted Barak (aka Baz), a re-purposed Guide Dog, through Integra … Read more

Geoff & Ida

A pattern was forming that would give meaning to my daily life and purpose again and the need to be there for Ida, we were a team. – Geoff – My journey commenced with Ida on December 17th 2020. I was … Read more

Ian & Ebony

Commander achieves milestone with a little help from a friend LCDR Andrew Ragless (author), Department of Defence (photographer) CEO and co-founder of Integra Service Dogs, Mr Ben Johnson; Chair of Navy’s Keeping Watch RADM Peter Laver; CMDR Ian Davies with … Read more